B&D Roll-A-Door


No matter what sort of garage style or house design you have, there is a B&D Roll-A-Door® that will be the perfect size and fit for your home, and in a colour that complements the rest of your decor.

When you buy a B&D Roll-A-Door from Mid Coast Door Services, you’re not only buying an Australian icon but top of the line in design, styling and features.

Safety for your family
• Steel door stops, not plastic like some brands
• Locking bar end covers to prevent injury to fingers

Smooth, quiet operation
• Nylofelt® running strips to provide smooth, greaseless operation
• Rubber coated guide stops to prevent metal on metal contact
• Guide block and roller for smooth, quiet operation
• Roll-A-Guides and mini groove top sheet on the Squareline Deluxe to help reduce chances of paint scuffing during door operation

Easy operation
Your B&D Roll-A-Door will continue to be easy to open and close, with features such as:
• Castellated drum wheels
• Nylofelt® running strips (and Roll-A-Guides) for effortless rolling action
• New, sleek D shaped lifting handle, conveniently located to assist you with opening and closing
• Finger friendly internal lock snib for easier use of the internal lock
• Combination of drum and precision springing ensuring consistent balance, and allowing you to stop the door where you want it, and it will stay there

• Springs designed to exceed the Australian Standard for garage doors – 20,000 cycles
• Squareline Deluxe and Squareline Wideline pressed square-line panels reduce the deflection in the door curtain and the visible effect of seaming joints
• Soft, pliable bottom weatherseal to help stop leaves and rain coming in under the door
• Traditional Wideline curtain with deeper, rounded curtain shape providing a stronger door with a more rigid steel curtain, and comes standard with heavy duty springs and drums

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The Rollmasta® represents tremendous value for money, which is why it is the preferred choice for many well known builders and pre-fabricators. Each door is tailor made to suit your needs, delivering an affordable, quality door from a name you can trust.

• Wide range of colours
• Stylish centre lift lock

• Waist height centre lift lock with double bar locking action
• Steel door stops

Ease of Operation
• Nylon braided running strips ensure that your door rolls up and down effortlessly
• Lifting handle, available as optional extra, provides convenient operation and easy lifting
• Internal lock snib provides easier internal lock use
• Precision springing and plastic drum combination ensures consistent balance

Weather Protection
• Colorbond steel, our preferred supplier, to stand up to the harsh Australian climate
• Weatherseal provides an efficient seal for protection from the elements

Smooth, Quiet Operation
• Nylon braided running strips

Strength & Durability
• Springs designed for 10,000 cycles
• Square curtain profile for extra strength across the door

Size to suit every home
• The Rollmasta rolling door is available in sizes up to 3000mm high and up to 3140mm wide

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